The monologue “It’s not about who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you”, by Christain Bale from Batman Begins (2005) has stuck in my mind since. Being able to comprehend the true meaning of your deeds, is a skill humans develop over time. As I complete 20 years of my life, I pen down the essence of my comprehension.

This is it.

It’s not about the hard work that you do, as donkeys do no less,
It’s about the knowledge that you gain, that separates you from the rest.

It’s not about what you eat—I know chicken tastes better than rice,
It’s about your mom’s love, that makes you feel like paradise.

It’s not about how you see, as vision matters more than your eyes.
It’s about how you distinguish, the truth and the lies.

It’s not about whom you love, as dogs are found everywhere.
It’s about the heart you have, that tells you to care.

It’s not about the friendship you share, there are many roaming around.
It’s about the trust, that gives meaning to your life once found.

It’s not about those who are gone, they were meant to go.
It’s all about the love, and the respect that you still show.