I’m 23 and live in Pune, India. I’ve studied Engineering (Information Technology) at Pune Institute of Computer Technology, 2013 batch. Never thought that I’ll actually be proud of it.

I also maintain a technical blog decached.com for all my professional posts.

Apart from all those boring details, I’m a student of everything I can lay my hands on. I particularly enjoy Comics, Human Anatomy, Finance and Music. I can be found playing a Guitar or Drums. Only music can soothe my nerves.

I’m a terrible poet, but I like expressing. I write used to write on Quora back when I was in college, but I gave up. I’ll be resuming soon, so keep an eye.

My Saturdays are reserved for my friends and Sundays for family. I love people who are smart and competitive. Kindness is optional, but boring, aimless and alcoholics repel me.

You can contact me for anything. Help, favours, coffee, talks, sessions, hangout. I’m @decached on most services. You can find me on Twitter, Quora, GitHub and Instagram, or go old school by emailing me at akash@kothawale.com.